Grade 5


Why I Love My Home

Why I love my home!

The definition of home to me is so many things but these are the top three things about how much I love my home. First, I love my family and pets too because every day when I come home in my parents’ car they ask me how was your day at school? I say it was good. When I get home my dogs Reena and George they jump on me and lick me they are the best dogs in the world! They put a smile on my face.
Second, I love my room in my nice warm home because it is bright and all my pictures smile my pictures make me smile too! Also I love my heater and everything else in my amazing backyard. Home is my favorite place in the world I love my home! I am so lucky to have a nice room to share with my family and friends.
Third, my backyard is very big and how I love playing in it. I have a slide, rock wall, and swings