Grade 5


Why Home is Amazing

My home is a unique place where love will always be. It will always be a safe space and that’s why I love my home. My home has shaped me in many ways and made me who I am today.

My home is unique. My house is my home and you can’t do a thing about it. I sleep there, I eat there, I live there and much, MUCH more. If I walk into a friend’s house I do not get cozy and comfy. I feel weird and lost because it’s their house not mine. I’m not judged or disrespected at my home. My home is where I am free to be me.

A home is where you live and love. It is where your family lives and loves. A home is where you are caring and cared for. It’s a nice place where I will always be happy. A home is a place without worries because I know I will always be loved. A home is where you are safe and comfortable because your family is there to calm you. A home is where you feel loved and happy no matter what.

My home is my safe zone. It makes me feel happy. I go there every day if I’m sad or happy. I know I will always be safe there. I am always supported at home no matter what I do or what I believe that is why I feel safe at home. I love my home. My family and I will always be safe at home.

I’m glad that Habitat for Humanity has created this amazing contest so students can have a part in helping out people who don’t have homes.