Grade 6

New Brunswick

Where it is

Where it is

SLAM! Goes the door of the house as I walk in. I hear my sisters laughing in the living room as I trudge up the stairs into the kitchen to find something yummy to eat. Home. Home is different than a house, home is where our stories begin it is where we feel safe and loved. Home is where we don’t have to be afraid to be who we are and no one will judge us. Home.

What makes home so happy for me is how I smell delicious supper cooking on the clean stove. How me and my family play board games after dinner. I love how we all watch movies together and how my after dinner my parents tuck me in the soft cozy sheets of my bed at night. The most important thing about my home that I love is that we all love each other no matter what. That is what makes home so special to me.

We should all get a home no matter our skin colour, age or beliefs because we are all loved by someone and we should be able to feel safe, cozy and most important free to be who we want to be. Without homes we would have nothing to look forward to. Nothing to love no where to start a family so why is it that not all of us have a home?

For instance I see people without a home and it makes me so sad, just imagine what it would be like living on the street it would not be like living at all. You would have to work so hard to find shelter and to get money. We need to help these people as much as we can every cent counts to them and it makes us heroes because we can go to our home knowing that we helped somebody so much we helped them survive.

Therefore we can help these people just thinking about these people help. That is why I am writing this because I care. Every one of us is special and unique. We all have good inside of us we may have just lost our house because we can’t afford it that does not mean that we are bad. That is why I think we should all have a cozy, safe, peaceful, nice, pretty HOME!