Grade 6

La Broquerie

Where Ever There’s a Memory Theres a Home

Where Ever There’s a Memory There’s a Home

A house is just a building that may be beautiful but what really makes a house beautiful are the people that live in it. The difference between a house and a home are that a house is just a building you see in your everyday life. A house could be just a empty building waiting to become a home. A home is where you take your first steps,where you went form diapers to being potty trained. A home is where you stayed up playing games and eating ice cream till 1 in the morning

I feel that I have to homes because my mom and dad split up when I was little. To me a home is love and family. In my house we have a picture frame that says “love is what makes our house a home.”With my family we have our ups and downs but at the end of the day we love each other so much.

Sometimes I wonder how lit would feel to be homeless, to sleep in the freezing cold. What it would be like to not afford a house,clothes,food and shoes. What if I cut my foot open on the street? Or not being able to have a enjoyable meal with my family for supper,lunch or even breakfast. What if i didn’t have warm clothes for winter?or not being able to take a warm shower?

Some people may not realize it but there are so many homeless people. Over the years you would think that the number of homeless people would go down, but it actually goes up. So many innocent people don’t have homes and hopefully if we all work together that will change. Start making a change donate to the homeless find charity’s to donate to. Because every little bit counts. Make your tomorrow a better place!