Grade 4

Drayton Valley

When I Think of Home

When I think home I think Christmas!Were all my family meets up.We have a huge supper with roast beef, turkey, sweet potatoes,and corn with some mashed potatoes that’s what we eat. It’s delicious!

Before we eat my cousins and I play downstairs.We play xbox 360 and hide and seek we also play lego and home free it is so fun!

Present time! It is so fun opening presents but it is even better opening them with your family.So you can be with them and also get more presents. But the best thing of all is hanging out with your family.

The sad time is when your family leaves to their homes. You had so much fun with them but it’s time for them to leave this is what I call the sad times I feel locked up I don’t like this feeling. THIS IS WHAT I FEEL AT CHRISTMAS!