Grade 5

British Columbia

What turns my lonely house into a joyful home

What turns my lonely house into a joyful home

This is the meaning of my home. My home means memories and safety. My home also means family. They’re the happiness I need to never be alone. But most of all, my home is unique. That’s what makes my house a home.

Memories are about things that matter. Some memories you would like to share. Other memories are to stay in your mind. All those memories you have are kind. Just imagine kids with memories about broken homes.

When I think of a home I think of safety. Safety is something we should all feel in some way. Even if you’re being creative in a weird way, you should always feel safe, no matter what. And in a home , not a house, makes me feel safe inside and out. That’s something that makes my house a home.

My home means family, and all families are unique. Family can always make you make you smile. Maybe not for long but just for a while. Without my family’s laughter, I would be left with nothing but sadness. But, when their joy comes back they bring back their happiness. That’s what I need to never be alone.

A house you can buy, a home you can make. It’s just like when you bake a cake. Lot’s of people have roofs walls and beds. But that only protects their heads. Because uniqueness hasn’t been poured over their houses yet.

Just imagine all those kids with memories of broken homes, and sad feelings that would never leave them alone. And for adults it’s the same. And there’s nobody we can blame. With a little help from us, we can turn their house into a joyful home.