Grade 5

Richmond Hill

What My Home Means To Me

My home is a very important place to me. I exist in it, and I love it. My home is safe, and I belong there. I am grateful that I live in a well conditioned home. My home means a lot to me. I adore and care for my home.

In my home, I am sure that I’m safe. My home is safe because everyone in it gets along and there is no violence. At my home, help is readily available because there is always someone there. My home gives me the feeling of warmth and calmness. In my home, I am taken care of by my family. In my opinion, my home is the safest place to be.

Another reason I love my home is because I belong there. I am meant to be there, and it is the safest place for me. I belong in my home because my family is with me and I love my family. In my family, there are people whom I can depend on.

My home gives me a shelter and a place to stay. When there is a storm, I can stay in my home and it will shelter me. My home gives me a place to rest and stay. Without having a home, I would’ve not had a shelter. I am happy I have a home that protects me well.

My home is the place that I’m living in. It is important to me because I am depending on it and it helps me so much. It is a place where I had many experiences and lived in for a very long time. I can go to my home if there is nowhere else to go. I love my home a lot. I am grateful for a home to live in.