Grade 6

Bay Roberts
Newfoundland and Labrador

What My Home Means to Me

What My Home Means to Me By: Mackenzie Tuttle
My home is a special place where I can be with lots of family and friends a place where is joyful, happy and fun. My home is a place where me and my family can spend time together, laugh and save all those fun memories together. My home is special because its where I live with my loving family its where I can spend lots of fun times with my brother.
At the end of the school day when I go home and walk into my house I love being greeted by my cat fluffy. I love see my mom and dad smiling as me and my brother walk into my wonderful home. My home is a cozy, comforting place to stay at I love how everyone in my family is so caring and loving to each other.
At the end of the day when I go to bed I feel so loved and cared about by so many people around me. There is so much happiness in my home and so many caring people. I especially love see my family every day and I’m so great full to be able to have such a nice house and too have a roof over my head. I’m especially great full for a such a nice family that can afford to pay for a wonderful nice home to live in.
In my house its full of joy and it fills our souls with grief and excitement. Everyone should be great full for a home and such a wonderful family. I remember when I first moved into the home that I live in now I was so happy to have such a wonderful and big house to live in. .