Grade 5


What My Home Means to Me…

Home is where the birds proudly sing in the trees in the morning and the smell of a nice breakfast being made in the brown and beige kitchen. The noise of people saying “Yum!” and “Thanks!” makes me happy. Feeling love and care in the fresh air.
At lunch it’s peaceful. The house is empty and the pets are most likely sleeping. Maybe mom is home, but she’s probably just relaxing. Or maybe doing laundry. She loves to have a nice relaxing lunch while watching her favourite TV shows.
After school is CHAOS! Kids are doing their chores and then rushing to the TV. Then realizing they have homework. They are arguing and shouting for no reason and the parents are preparing dinner.
At dinner, the family is filled with happiness and joy! The dinner is delicious and smells lik heaven. The dishes are to be done. The sound of arguing about who washes and who dries drives the parents CRAZY!
Ahhhh… Finally, it’s time to go to sleep. It’s quiet, dark and calm. You have an amazing dream and then fall into a deep sleep.
You wake up the next morning and the cycle repeats again. That is what my home means to me.