Grade 5

British Columbia

What makes my house feel like a home

What makes my house feel like home

This is why my house feels like a home it’s because…

Every Friday night my mom, dad, brother and I make pizza
and cook the pizza in our pizza oven outside. Then we go inside and sit on the couch to watch a movie and eat our pizza. My family makes my home feel safe and comfortable.
Also having my loving dog Goosa makes me feel at home. I always love feeling the joy of giving my dog a treat. My chickens I also love to have. I like talking to them (even if I don’t know what they are saying). I also love giving them a treat too. They are so funny. I love my pets. It’s important to love your pet(s) and your family.
For me a home is built with love. If you don’t love who you live with you wouldn’t have joy in your home. Not having joy in my family wouldn’t make me feel at home. Thankfully, I have lots of joy in my family.
Finally, the last thing that makes my house feel like a home is comfort. If you don’t feel comfortable in your home you might not feel safe. You have to feel safe in your home. I always feel safe and comfortable in my home.
Though my house creaks and leaks I’ve got my family, my dog and outside, my chickens. I love my home the way it is.