Grade 6


What makes Home?

Who thought homes could be such a comforting and safe place? The kitchen is one of the most comfortable rooms in the whole house. It’s where all the fresh baked food emerges from. Without a kitchen there would be no scrumptious food flung around making a humongous mess in the kitchen. With everyone greedily crowding around the oven trying to get a treat while it’s warm and the chocolate chips are still gooey. That’s why I love my home!
Living rooms are the best places in the house. They are almost better than the house itself. Especially on a movie night when the popcorn is popped and the chip bag is opened and the smell of the food wafts the house. Then the father wrestles with the children and gently throws the kids on the couch. Even the dog is ready once he hears the word “movie” the dog wanders over to the couch and lies down right in front of the couch. Or those days when it’s pouring out side and the Wii gets turned on and the tournament starts. One of the best things is when the whole family sits by the fire and listens to all the crackling. That’s why I love my home!
Almost everyone’s favorite place isn’t even in the house! If you thought of the yard you are right. Camping in the backyard is something everyone likes. A personal favorite is having a fire and roasting marshmallows. In the middle of a field and getting the burning pile going and making it as big as possible is so much fun. During the winter driving the quad with a toboggan in tow and then hitting a snow bank and getting snow in your winter gear. That’s why I love my home!