Grade 6


What is the meaning of Home?

I think the meaning of home is….
Family place! Family place is where you get to hang out with your family by playing games, watching movies, play outside, going on imaginary trips, and build forts together. Happily, you get to spend lots of time with your family, you have the best memories with your family. Surprisingly, you get the best in times your own home. Everyone gets to see the new things and stuff you got for your Birthday and Christmas.

Stories! You get to tell all your family about the adventures, cool things, scary stuff, and best of all they get to tell you stories too. Everyone will sit around the campfire and tell scary stories scare you outside your home, hopefully you won’t get scared. Stories are the best because you get to know what everyone is doing in their lives. Sadly, there might be some sad stories too.

Unique! Every home is very unique. Unique means that your home is one of a kind. Lots of people don’t have a home that means they are homeless. Homeless people don’t have a unique home to stay in like us. Luckily, some of the homeless people get a home built for them, so then they will get their own unique home to live in. Being Unique is a really good quality in my home.

Funny! Funny is great thing to have in a family home. Fun times can bring the family even closer together. When you play hide’n’seek, board games, tag, and silly outside games, that make the home and family even more enjoyable. Having fun means that everyone has their own funny, crazy, and a lovable family.

Family time! Family time means everything to me. I love to be in our home being weird, crazy, and lots of other things, but most of all I love watching show with my family. Sometimes, I don’t get to see my Dad, Step-Mom, and my two sisters too often. I only see them four days every two weeks. I love to enjoy the family time that I get.

Loving! Loving in my home looks like everyone loving everyone. We still argue, but no matter what we still love each other. Some people don’t love, but I do.