Grade 6

Nova Scotia

What Is The Meaning Of Home?

What is the meaning of home? when some people think of the word home, they just think of a place where people live, but there is definitely a true and deeper meaning behind that four letter word, home.

Home is a not just a place where you live it’s, it’s where you can be with your family, share and create memories, and most importantly, be yourself.

Home is a place where I can rest my feet after basketball games,it’s where I can cry when i’m sad, and where I can rest my head after a long day’s worth of learning.

Home is where you learn your ABC, and take your first steps.

Home is where everyone can be together. It’s where I can celebrate my culture: Christmas, Thanksgiving, Halloween, birthdays and Easter altogether.

Home can be many parts of the world. You could be born in a different country and now live in Canada. Canada and your birthplace will always be your home. Just like me. I was originally born in England, moved to Jamaica and now live in Canada.

A home can be anything. It can be an apartment, a million-dollar mansion, or just a single, teeny-tiny room.

Whether it’s a domicille-french, a casa-Spanish, a bahay-Tagalog, a ghar-Hindi or a jia-Mandarin it’s still home.