Grade 6


What Is the Meaning of Home

Home is where you feel safe and warm, feel protected by the walls that block out the wind and rain. Feel as if your mom was holding you in her hands. Feel as if all guns have dropped and all wars have stopped. Feeling that no one can get to you. If cars get blown up in your neighborhood, you live not in a home but only a house. If you can’t sleep because of gun shots, you live in a house that can’t feel safe. Home means you have no worries and can stay calm always.
A home is where you feel loved and cared about. A home is where you eat good meals with family and friends. Home is where you can go after a hard day of work. Home is a place that is quiet and calming, a place that you can do anything. Home is where you can play with your pet cat or dog. Only a home can feel safe.
My house is a nice new house. I used to live in a small two roomed house. I had to share a room with my little brother. In 2016, I moved out of the camper. The camper was even worse though. There was only one bedroom. I had to sleep on the fold out couch with Dawson. One time I woke up at night to scratching noises on the door. One day there was a coyote sleeping outside the camper door. Me and my brother were scared.
I know what it is like to sleep in only a house, now I experience living in a home. I feel that everyone should have that opportunity.