Grade 5


what is the meaning of home

What is the meaning of a home?

A home is a building filled with love.A home is where you throw birthday parties,see friends and carve pumpkins for Halloween.It’s where people are raised,and get good education.It’s where on stormy days you can snuggle up by the fire and talk to your family about you day.It’s where you go to sleep every night.It’s a place where you have pets and family that love you as much as you love them.It’s a place where you have neighbors that might be from Australia,but neighbors can form you from grumpy to very happy.It’s a place where you cry and smile.It’s a place where you watch T.V. with your family.A home is a place where you feel safe and where you keep your possessions and your lovable pets.A house is not a home.Homes make you feel comfortable,and if they don’t,It’s not a home for you.A home is where you spent your time with family and having fun with ,maybe even tackling them!A home is where you have night mares and where puppies pee on the carpet.It’s where you read and do homework.It’s a place where you get in a fight with a friend.It’s a place where you get in trouble,and a place where you draw pictures and get a pool.It’s where you might strike rich from a lottery