Grade 6


What is the Meaning of Home?

Home is a place where no one will judge me,
A place where I can do whatever I want and I will be free,
It doesn’t matter how I look, or how I dress,
I won’t ever be loved any less.

Home is where I go if I have a problem,
It’s a place where I know I will get assistance,
It’s where I go when I need some wisdom,
And whatever I get will be filled with brilliance.

Home is where I get to stay with my family,
It’s where I go to play with my brother,
And that could be football or even soccer.
It’s where I get to eat my mom’s beautiful food,
It’s also where I go to hear her loving words,
Which always seem to lift the mood
And my dad’s encouraging voice always makes me go upwards.

But it’s sad to say that some people don’t have homes,
Unlike us they don’t have brick walls and roofs to protect them from storms,
They use cardboard and jackets as their roofs,
They might not even be able to afford schools or uniforms.