Grade 6

New Brunswick

What is the Differnece Between Home and House

What is the differences between a house and a home? Well I will tell you home is mostly about security, and family, while house is like clothes, storage, bed and items like that.

After, that I will tell you about a house. Houses are like material things in your house like widows. So you can look outside without getting wet or dirty. Another thing is fridge. A fridge can store all your food and drinks and it will keep it cold if you want it to be. Home is when you feel safe, you feel perfect. In your home it’s a free place you can laugh, you can play with anyone in your home. At home you can be relaxed and you are accepted by your family and every one in your family is loved. Also, you are comforted and excited, happy, joyous. There is a couple of other things like life and friends. And especially home is where the heart is.

Last but not least, I think that House is more not family and beds, clothes, storage, food, fridge and more. Home is more about family and security and home is where the heart is. Home is not dressers, storage or beds.