Grade 5


What is the definition of home?

Home is a comfortable place to be,
You eat sleep and bath here you see,
Home protects you from people animals and weather,
Home, is a place that compares to no other.
Home is a place to take shelter from the rain,
Home is a place your heart finds comfort in sadness and pain,
Home is a calm place to celebrate,
home is where you feel safe and great.
The best thing is that home keeps families together,
Home is an awesome thing to have wherever,
Home can be a place you design own and create,
Home is where your dreams turn out to be great.
Home is a state of mind for your heart and soul,
Home is a place you feel you belong and that makes you whole,
Home is where you have all your stuff,
Home is where you recover when times are rough.
A home doesn’t have to be bought or mechanically made,
It may be a wonderful place where you once stayed,
God knows we all need a home to stay,
But some people are unlucky I say.
Home is where you feel grateful and glad,
But those who don’t have homes are sad,
Let’s donate so they have a home,
This is why I’ll write this poem,
People need a home to spend each day,
They need a home to laugh and play.
A home is something we all deserve,
Let’s donate so they can live with verve,
when people have a home they’ll be beaming,
Let’s give them the home they’ve been dreaming.
Home is where the heart is as people have said,
And there’s no place like home is often commented,
Home can be a dwelling that protects you from harm,
Home is a feeling of acceptance, that is warm.