Grade 6

New Brunswick

What Is Important In My Home

What is important in my Home?
A lot of people take their home for granted. They are too busy to think about the many-millions of people that are constantly suffering from poverty. I am here to address some things that these people are missing from their dwelling

What do I have in my Home?
Plumbing is something that usually works right, but when it malfunctions, it can cost a lot of money. It’s a thing that kids really don’t think about unless it goes wrong. Unexpected repairs can really hurt the household’s money.

Furniture is something that any individual should be allowed. Whether it’s a bed for you and your household pet to rest on, or a table to eat on, we all fall guilty of taking our furniture for granted.
However, many people are finding it difficult to pay off rent in order to keep their house. As a result, some people don’t have enough money left to pay for furniture.

Water is an essential for life, so of course it’s going to be wanted a lot. Water shortages in places like Nevada, USA should have taught us about how easy a desert area can give up and give an entire city a water shortage.
Sadly, you don’t need to be in a desert to not have water. Along with other bills, water bills are not always affordable. Some households are unable to get an efficient enough job and so cannot pay their bills.

What is a home supposed to do?
A home protects me from the many outside forces of nature, such as rain and storms. It keeps me warm during Winter and cool during Summer. It keeps the bugs out and the pets in.

In short, as long as you watch what you’re spending, you won’t end up needing social assistance. Then you can stay in your home because it is a very special place to be.