Grade 5


What is home to me?

Home is a place that everybody needs.
Home is a place That needs a family.
It is not a boring place, it’s where you can have fun and cheer.
You need to care,respect and Clean it.
The family that lives in the house also have Responsibilities.

You Have to learn how to share and be honest there.
Each family member in the house has to do at least one thing to show respect For their home.
You Grow from a baby to an adult there.
When you are a baby you crawl when you’re a toddler you walk and when you’re an adult you grow taller.
Your family will love you no matter what.

In a house you have your comfy bed where you sleep.
You have the bathroom where you brush your teeth.
The kitchen is a place you microwave and cook.
There a windows in the dining so you can look.
When you’re in the living room you’ll see things like a TV ,a sofa,lights and an outlet so you can plug in things.

Some people don’t have a home like us and we have to do something to help them.
We can make the world a better place by donating to a food drive or a different place.
Soon everybody will have a home to stay in and I know We will succeed this goal.