Grade 6

New Brunswick

What is Home to Me

What is home to me?
A house is a place to sleep .It will protect you from the rain, snow, hail and other weather conditions. Also there is furniture for your comfort and a kitchen for cooking food and having a fridge to store your food. The things that a house has is electronics bedrooms to sleep and bathrooms to bath and use the toilet. For a home there is much more there my family that I can play games and laugh while doing. Happiness comes by being proud of yourself and telling your family that then there is anger that comes sometimes in your family when everyone is mad about something and it is hard to stop. Then there is fear in family’s which means that you’re scared of nervous about something but guess what, your family is always there to talk about what is wrong and that you’re nervous or scared about. The most important thing is about a family is there is love and that means that you’re always going to have looking out for you. That is what home means to me.