Grade 6

St. Albert

What is Home?

Home is a place where the big things happen, and the small things, the things we might not notice, the things that are so insignificant at our young age, but become something we depend upon and live for, because home is for memories, tears, smiles, laughter, and knowing home isn’t forever, that’s why we need to realize what it means to us.
Home is the hope that moves us forward in every fault and regret.
Home is the steamy, but not too hot, lady gray tea with a hint of vanilla that you get when mom is home.
Home is the feeling of getting away from a tough dance class where you’re sore but in a nice kind of warm way.
Home is the joy that you get when mom comes home from Calgary
Home is the little jokes you and brothers and dad make
Home is sitting down on the family computer turning on awesome tunes and getting that extremely overdue homework done!
Home doesn’t take a couple words, or pictures, or fancy poems to be explained properly, home is what you make it be
Happiness and joy of family movies
Overflowing love and passion you have for everyone.
Making and remembering memories you will love forever
Everyone will always be together, no matter what