Grade 5


What is Home?

Home is a very important place to me. I feel it’s a place that I feel like I belong, a place I feel warm, a place I feel loved and a place I feel happy. Home is a nice place because it’s comfy everywhere I go. Home is like a habitat to me because it has food, water, air and it is a shelter. Home is where my family and I live, without them I wouldn’t be able to survive.

To me the main feature of a home is the safety. The doors are very strong. If you ever get hurt, your family will come to your aid immediately. There is a home phone in case someone tries to break into your house, you can call 911 for the police. If you don’t feel safe, you can watch the news or any show to forget, if you don’t have a TV you can draw or play with some toys.

My favorite part of home is how comfortable it is. At home I like to relax on my bed and forget about my problems. I feel a lot more comfortable when I’m with my family. Sometime I watch and play on the computer so I don’t feel as stressed. At home you can feel comfortable everywhere you go and not as stressed.

The most important part of home is my family. They help you go to school, go to extracurriculars, go almost anywhere. Your family loves and cares about you because they are your family. When you feel lonely, your family will be there for you and make you not as lonely if not, not lonely. The point is your family is always there for me