Grade 6


What is Home

Home is the place I was born in. Home is where you and I began. Home is a shelter that keeps us safe from the snow, the storms, the and the outside pain. Its like a mother kangaroo and the little one in the pouch giving us room to place our couch. Home keeps my love, my peace and keeps our family in one piece. It is where the little ones can have joy with all the toys they have. Home gave us a place where we can lay our head on a comfy bed. Home keeps us safe from the outside beast, where every night it speaks. Some families don’t have homes where they can have peace or even be in one piece with the family. Mabey they cant lay their head on a bed. Maybe they are dirty and sick but does that mean you give no mercy to them? NO you wont because who cares if they are dirty. Why? because there is hope. How? because their is a place where people can help these people without peace or have a family that’s in one peace. Instead of saying nope we look back and there is hope.