Muhammad Abdul

Grade 5


What is Home

What is home

As I enter my beautiful home I feel ecstatic. I feel safe from all the danger out in the world. I feel no harm can come to me and I will always be loved. In my home I know no one will judge me on anything such as what I wear, what I think and my special qualities that make me, well, me! Not all kids are as lucky. Some are orphans that have no idea of what a home is because they are bounced from house to house through foster care. Some kids run away from their families because they have to face many problems within their house, and it is too stressful for them to deal. They are unable to feel safe and loved. In Canada, one third of homeless people are children under the age of eighteen. Dear reader if you are lucky enough to have a home and have a loving family then be thankful.

Some adults also suffer from homelessness because of a lot of problems. Sometimes these adults do have jobs, but are still unable to pay the mortgage and taxes of a house.

At Habitat For Humanity Canada the amazing volunteers make beautiful houses for people to make into homes. This organization works to ensure low rate mortgages so that people do not have to live in fear of homelessness. Dear reader if you think a home and a house are the same thing what you are thinking is wrong. A house is a certain building that we live in. A home is anyplace that makes you feel safe and loved. You can make a house by hand but a home by heart (unknown).

A home
a place we are loved and cared
and we can think anything
and wear anything
and know no harm will be bestowed on us
and know we have a roof on top of our heads
and know we will always get help
and know we will never be lonely
and will be educated
and as you enter your home all stress is relieved
and you are filled with joy
and peace
a home
is a home

Meaning of Home Contest 2016