Grade 6


What Is Home?

Home ✨
In this essay I will be explaining how a home isn’t just a roof with four walls but a comfort zone and a space to be self confident. A home is just like your bed,a comfortable space you can lay your head down from a hard day and escape reality and all the world’s problems.

What is home? Home to me is a comfort zone you have that is able to escape reality. After a hard day of work, a stressful day of school, or just a tiring day in general. Just like your bed, after all that stress and hard work from your day. Lying down on your bed is comfortable and soothing. Like a bed, your home is a place for you to wine down from your day and spend time with your family. Just like a bed, your homes isn’t just structure but a comfort zone. It’s a space for you to cry in pain, laugh in joy, express your creativity, eat 10 boxes of pizza. The comfort inside your home calms down your senses and gives you space to relax. Either if it with your family, friends,significant other, home is where your heart belongs,
A space to escape reality, a space to escape problems

Home is a place you will not be judged and boost your self confidence no matter what. Home is a place to not be judged or made fun off. You’re able to wear whatever you like without getting judged, listen to your favourite genre of music without getting questioned. It’s a space where you can be you. Our family may have judged us at one point just like our beds. Our beds most likely haven’t been the most excited the first few times we slept on them on them. But the longer we continued, the more comfortable they become. They become used to our actions and left us alone. We learn to be more self confident in the clothes we wear, our self image, to be less insecure. With the support of our families we are able to love our self more and more.

This is what home means to me.