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What is Home?

In this paper, I will explain what home is. Home is way more than a structure. Home is where you’ll always be protected from horrible things, like people throwing rocks onto your face. You’ll feel safe inside. Home is where you can have as much self-confidence as you want! Maybe enough confidence, you can throw those rocks back to those people! Home is like a TREE. It grows with you, and dies with you.

Home is a safe place where you can be loved, supported, comforted, and happy, all while spending time with your family. This is like a tree’s bark, it protects, comforts, and supports animals living inside. This is important because, if you were homeless, you would be vulnerable to danger.

Home is a place where, when you come in, no matter how many problems you have,you won’t be judged. Ever. At home, you’ll never have enough self-confidence. If you have enough self-confidence, you can solve all your problems! This represents a tree’s leaves, because how many problems a leaf has, like a caterpillar eating it, everything, like the sun, will help it out. Like how a bed helps you think about your problems. If the leaf has enough “confidence” it could recover.

Overall, home can provide protection, and self-confidence, and many more benefits. Home is one of the best places you can be in.