Grade 6



Today Angela interviewed some people of what home meant to them

The first person she interviewed was Lily Smith.Lily told us that to her,home meant her family,love,and peace.She said that home was somewhere you felt comfortable.She said home reminded her of sitting near the fireplace on Christmas eve,talking to her family,and drinking hot chocolate.Then her eyes had filled with tears while she said “I just feel really sad for all those homeless people”.She then wiped her tears and said There Is No Place Like Home.

The next person Angela asked was Dave Gordon who was homeless.Angela asked him if he was sad he didn’t have a home.He replied with “What,I may not have a house but I do have a home”.So Angela asked him where his house was and he said “well it can be anywhere from bushes,parks and benches,anywhere where I can see the stars twinkling at me.He said that to him home was somewhere safe,free and quiet.

Later Angela interviewed a really wealthy person named Cole Towers and asked him what home meant to him.He said home was sitting in the tub,relaxing or having a five-star meal.But then he said that home also meant where he could be happy and calm and not worry about anything.He then said home is somewhere people care about you and you can dream.

So later we asked Angela what she learned and she said Home is where the heart lies.