Grade 5


what is home

Home is where my family lives, where we have fun, laughter and where our favorite memories are stored. My family means the most to me and I want to make sure that they are safe and they are not in danger that means that they are not staving or thirsty. So if I help other people maybe the people in my neighborhood will help out too. I can be the romodel in our community.

Others are lonely on the street and are not in a safe place. My family lives in a house and they know that they are in a safe place, home is a most important thing in live.

More and more people can not afford a house because the prices are too high and have to choose between food and water or a house and starve to death, they have to choose between two rights that a family should have and not worry about not being safe.

Every family deserves a home, food, water, clothes, a safe roof over their head and a nice cozy bed. We can try to help out by donating food to the food bank, or donating clothes to the clothes drive or even as easy as sharing a smile and putting yourself in the other person shoe. How would you feel if you lived on the cold, dirty street? Would you like if somebody welcomed you? I bet you would like if someone welcomed you. Us people sometimes take things like a house for granted like if you were a person living on a street you would be so happy to have a home.