Grade 4


What is Home?

What is Home? I think home is a place to express my feelings sad, mad and rad I was rad when we finally got a french teacher. Home is a place to pray like praying for people who don’t have homes. Home is my shelter I like to think of it as my turtle shell because a turtle shell protects the turtle and keeps it safe. You could think of it as your shield. Home is where my family lives. My family takes care of me, plays with me, forgives me and they do much more for me. Home is a place where I can do what I want this means I am not forced to do anything. Home is a place where you can use your talents and be proud about that.Home is a place that I keep close to my heart. Home is where my memories live and will hopefully never escape. It does not matter if you did something forty years ago or two years ago you could still remember those memories. Home is a place that provides food for me. Home is the place where I was raised and I am amazed about that. But what would it be like if I didn’t have a home? I think if I didn’t have a home I would feel lonely because I wouldn’t have a home and families are built in homes. I would feel defeated because I would think that I would never have a home. I would feel miserable because I would be poor and I might not be able to take care of my family. It’s not fair that some people live on the streets, some live in houses and some live in mansions. This is not fair because nobody should suffer everybody should be the same. And that’s why I am participating in this contest it doesn’t matter if I win or lose. What counts is the ten dollars I am donating by doing this piece of writing