Grade 6

New Brunswick

What is Home

What Is Home?
Home is where friendship is born no matter what you are going through, your home is full of safety, home is where you feel, love, sadness, happiness and even anger, but your home will always make you feel happiness in the end. It makes me upset when I drive down-town and see all of the people who don’t have any food, shelter, or even get too see their family. Since a lot of them in winter are very cold, they get themselves arrested just so they can get warmth. I’m very lucky that I have all of these, because it would not be good to get arrested just for warmth.
In my home is fun and laughter come to life, even when we are angry at each other. We can count on our home to make us happy. Peace is the most needed thing in a home. No it’s more like the most needed thing in a person. You need to be at peace with yourself and your home. In my home is where celebrations happen, like Christmas, Easter, Birthdays and many more, but people who don’t have a home can’t celebrate anything, not even their own Birthday. Even though I don’t actually have a house, but I have a trailer, I’m very grateful for what I have.