Grade 5


What is Home?

Home…What is Home? Is home a place where you’re always sad, angry or you don’t even have your Human Rights? No because that’s a house, a plain old building with darkness everywhere. You can’t let bad things happen to you,
so make that rusty old plain place your home.

Home is a place where you stay for multiple reasons, everyone has a different opinion this is mine. You stay there for food, water, family, shelter, memories, and the most important for me, a smile on my or anyone’s face. A home can be anything a place, feeling, a person, and more!

It’s sad to know that a lot of people don’t have a place to live, but that doesn’t mean they don’t have a home. They might have a friend that feels like home or a feeling or anything! World War 2, Germany attacks Great Britain, millions of homes destroyed, but they fought for their homes, their home cities, and their home country. They didn’t give up, they did all this for their homes.

Home is the sight of family.
Home is the feeling of love.
Home is the smell of fresh air.
Home is the taste of your mom’s food.
Home is home.

Family, good times, memories, and you make home better. You know what makes home bad? Money, wealth, fame, all that stuff is not needed. All you need is home.
So start to get up have fun and get a smile on your face:).