Grade 6

Portugal Cove, St. Philips, NL
Newfoundland and Labrador

What is Home?

What Is Home?
By Danylia Codner

Home is a place people want to stay when they’re sick, cold, damp, tired, sad, etc…

The sad part is, not everybody can do that.They have to spend their time out on the streets, sometimes even without their family. Nobody cares about them.That’s the reason I’m writing this essay. We need to stop people from being homeless so that they don’t feel lonely or worried about what will happen to them in the night while they’re sleeping or even in the day. How would you feel without a place to call home?

We should all be very thankful about what we have, especially during this time of year. It’s Christmas and some kids complain about what they didn’t get, when there are others that are wishing for a home and food. All they want is the same feelings we have in and about our homes.

Family. I think a home is what brings our families together (besides love!) and we should all cherish what we have. To me home is a warm, cozy place that even if we move, no matter where we are, it will always be in my heart. I hope everyone realizes that homes are a very big part in our lives. Home is where our journey begins, and where are memories are made!