Grade 5



A home, it is a beautiful place to be. It is comfortable, safe, secure. It’s makes you feel like no one can hurt you. However, some people do not have a home. That is sad because they may not feel support and love a home can give.
A home has different rooms that all have memories that will never fade. The rooms have different purpose. Our living room is where I remember watching movies and playing games. The kitchen is where we share a meal. My bedroom is where I sleep the best. It is where I have good dreams and bad. Its where I can read and be comfortable. That is only few of the rooms in my home.
It is where you can rest when you are sick. It is where you can have privacy. A home is full of hope and love. It is where you can be accepted; you can have pets or have people over to visit. It is where you can play and have a nice time. You can relax and be comfortable with your family and watch TV. You can tell all your secrets in your home.
It is where you know that you are going to come home to a nice warm bed. You can do your homework peacefully. You feel supported by your family and knowing they love you.
We are lucky we have homes because there are people who need homes. They need them to feel safe and supported. They must envy us because we have a home.
I have two homes and both of them make me feel safe, comfortable, loved, and secure. A home is where you can share with everyone that goes there. A home is where you can be you.