Grade 6


What is Home

What is home? To me the word home can be broken down in so many ways. Such as things we can do “while there” and designs. Let’s see what “home “means to me.

Home is a shelter that is very important to most living things. It protects us from weather and animals. Shelter provides us with the ability to eat, sleep and be healthy. My home makes me feel warm and dry, not wet and cold. It smells like fruits and apple pie. It is a basic need of a living thing and a human right. A home provides a private place to live.

You might be surprised to know that shelters can come in many shapes and sizes. Many mammals live in different types of shelters. To me, not every shelter is a home that is fit for me, but it might be to someone or something else. My home is big and colorful inside. We have a design theme of nature and country. There are five bedrooms, three bathrooms, and 2 living areas inside the house. Our home also includes 160 acres, two garages, a shop/ barn, and game room. People choose what they want to put in their homes. There are many things people can choose to put there. From furniture to clothes, cars and accessories.

What do you do in your home that is important to you? There are many things that people can do in their home. Something are to sleep, eat, drink, relax and chores. Those are what most people do at home. I also like ride to horses, bake, read, watch movies and bug my brother at my home.

Family is a very important part of my home. My neighbors, friends and extended family often come visit. When they come, they come for suppers. Friends and family will come for birthdays, Christmas, Thanksgivings, and any other reason to celebrate. My family is loving, caring and trusting. We eat dinner together as a family, when we get home from school.