Grade 6


What is home?

Home is a place where you can be loved for who you are. If you ever need a parent’s touch, that is where you go. No one there will lower their love for anything you do. They will always love you.

Home is one of the most important things in life.Without it, you wouldn’t have food, clothing, fun, or, most importantly, shelter. Without a home, you wouldn’t have a good life at all. So make sure you have one.

One of the best things about home is FAMILY! Family is also really important. Without family, who would you snuggle with? Who would patch up your boo-boos? If you have family, love every second of it.

Home is where food is. Food, especially from your mom’s cooking, is really good, but some people don’t have food. So, if you can, help other homes feel more like home by donating food to them.

That’s all I have for now except for one thing: we all love home in our own special way.