Grade 5


What is home?

What does home mean. Well here’s what some people think.Some people say “A home is where you sleep eat and play.” Well I’m thinking “Where do you live?” because people who think that seem very very self- centered. To me home is not the place where you eat sleep and play.To me home is the place where you love all people around you.A home is where your loved ones come before you.This place is hard to leave for long periods of time.When we leave home, we don’t know if we will be accepted but with our loved ones, we we always do.So now we know a house is not a home but some think to have a home you have to have a house.But no.Unfortunately, some people don’t have a house but they have a home.How? Because they love each other. As long as you are with the ones you love, you are always home.Even if you are maybe in a tough situation, as long as you still love each other, you are still at home.Home is where your family is important and it is hard to let go. Home is hard and you can get into fights with all the ones you love but as long as deep down you still love them, you are always at home.A house can change but a home stays forever.