Grade 6


What is “Home”?

What is “Home”?

Home is not just a house,
We take it all for granted.
It looks luxurious in and out,
But we can lose it in a second.

We complain about food everyday,
Some people are happy they’re living.
Our bed may not be big enough,
Does a bench sound good for sleeping?

What if you lost everything you had,
Everything taken away?
We should spend lots of time in our house,
Because who knows what will happen today.

We have education, electricity, more,
But we complain of the littlest of things.
Your family spent hours on end for this,
You should be happy you have a home, anyways.

Home is where the heart and soul is,
Unlike any normal house.
A house could be the size of the Eiffel Tower,
But with no love and family, it’s just a house.
Think of the people who don’t have a home,
And yet we don’t feel much pity.
Karma exists, and it will strike back,
So we should be grateful for everything.

Our homes can never be replaced,
Unlike a laptop, tablet or phone.
We shouldn’t think we can replace a home,
Nothing would make me switch it, none.

My home is small, not much to see,
But I love it nevertheless.
An igloo, an apartment, maybe even a cabin,
Whatever you consider to be the best.

Our home is where we grow up wanting to leave,
Yet grow old trying to come back to.
We should never forget our first home,
‘Cause that’s where we learned everything to do.

Our home is not just a house.
It’s a place for warmth, comfort,
Kindness, forgiveness, love, justice,
And most importantly,