Grade 5

Grande Prairie

What is home…

What is a home….

Home is a special place where you can always trust. It keeps you warm. You feel safe and loved and you can be yourself. You can do things you enjoy. You can come home and hangout with your family, friends and pets. It protects you from stormy and bad weather. You’re always welcome at home. You can snuggle with your cute, furry friends. You can practice your talents. Home is where your emotions flow, a place full of love and care. It’s a peaceful place to rest after a hard day. You can rest, eat and sleep. You can cook and share a meal. A home is cozy, you can learn cool stuff and teach your family new things. You can share everything about your day. You can talk about everything and nobody will get mad. You can always be honest. No matter what you do, your family will forgive you for everything. At home you fit in and don’t have to worry about anything. Being at home takes all of your worries away and replaces them with love. You don’t feel lonely. Nobody can take it away, it will always be in your heart no matter what. A home is somewhere you can have fun, make memories that can last forever. The difference between a house and a home is a house is just a shelter, but a home is somewhere you’re really loved. Imagine all the people out there without homes, sleeping in the cold shadows. We can make a difference.