Grade 5

British Columbia

What is Home

What is Home
Home is where I want to be after a rough day. If you are sick, sad, mad, or frustrated. When I have what feels like an awful day, I run up the stairs to my room and lie down on my bed. It makes me feel warm inside. Like there is a fire full of roasting marshmellows. It is a feeling that only comes from home. On a happy day I want to stay outdoors and play, and at night I don’t want to sleep. My home is not a mystical place with staircases that are crafted in a spiral shape and chandeliers everywhere. It is where I feel loved and comfortable to be me. When I think of home I think of playing and having fun with my siblings. I think of a warm place and us all huddling together as a storm blows over.

When I said goodbye to my last house so we could move to our grandmas, I was very sad, but it made me happy to. I was happy because now a brand new family would get it.

Not having a home would mean not knowing many feelings, like melting marshmallows in your body, the love and happiness a home has, and the comfort it brings. I would miss all the smells from the kitchen when my family is eating. I would miss so many things. My home is important for me because it makes me feel loved and safe. My home is a part of my family, for it is where we stay and live our lives together as a happy family. I never have to worry about being alone but many do. I hope that someday everyone will feel what I feel at home.

By Emma W.