Grade 6


What Is a Home

A home is with love. Parents, kids, dogs, cats, birds, and fish are all things we love. Who would think a home has so many memories? Would you have thought? Decorating peacefully for Christmas, challenging your siblings to play board games after the power goes out, unboxing an iPhone 7 plus for Christmas, and watching your favorite team win the Stanley Cup. Those are wonderful, fond memories.
Houses have a wall, a bed, a TV, and a kitchen. A home has a warm bed, a family with loving kids, with traditions, and warm memories. What is a place with memories, traditions, love, and hobbies? Yep you guessed it, it`s a home not house. In a home you have sleepovers and you watch your cat fall asleep.
This home was where great memories happened. It`s where you land your first trick on your scooter, the first time you ride your bike without training wheels, and where you land your first backflip on the ground. You might be surprised that some people don`t even live in a house. It`s very sad. 6`3 broad shoulders, the dad, enters the home and gets back from Afghanistan safely. Tearfully the kids yell ‘daddy!!!’
This is what a home is