Grade 6

New Brunswick

What is a Home?

In my house I have a kitchen and lights
In my house I have a front door and a back door
In my house I have bedroom a bathroom and a living room
In my house I have a roof over my head
In my home is where the memories are made
in my home we are free and not judged
In are home we are angry and frustrated and disciplined
Home is were messes are made when we have fun and play
At home we have our pet
In my home I have my family to count on
But in my home I feel safe and loved and I’m glad for that
At home I have warmth and also feelings
Home is when we fall and get back up again
Home I when we cry then after laugh about it
Home is where we have friendship
A home is a home you don’t need a welcome mat to make it feel like a home
That is what a home is to me