Grade 6

New Brunswick

What is a Home?

Home is a place to live, I, my father, my mother and my little sister all live inside . We can sleep and eat here.

Home is a warm place, even if outside there is wind and snow, which is full of warmth.

Home is a place full of love, a family is here and love each other. Everyone in the family are helping each other.

Home is a happy place, we often laugh, because of my little sister . One day she would not eat, my mother wanted her to stand next to wall , but she said , “If you do not eat , I will let you stand on the wall ! ”

Home is a fun place I often work hand in hand with my little sister playing games and Logo blocks, there things make me enjoy my family.

Home is full of hope. My mom and dad often encourage me, let me try, many new things for the first time.

My home is full of warmth, love, happy fun and hope these thing make me very happy , so I love my home.