Grade 5


What Is a Home?

A home is a place where life happens.
At a home, there is a nice, comfortable bed. If you have a home, you have clean water and healthy food to eat. At a home, you have your family and your pets like a dog, cat, fish and even a snake.
At home, there is a roof, walls and a floor but not just to keep out the rain it also keeps out all the sadness, so you can be happy. A home has a lot if things and rooms like the bathroom and the mudroom.
Your home keeps you safe from bad people. At a home is where you find true love. A home is where you always fit in. When your older you can still live in the home as long as you want. When you are worried, you can go into your room and play, as much as, you want. Therefore, if you have a home you can have your birthday there and the only thing you will need is a big awesome cake.
At a home, you can have so much fun, if you put your mind to it. At a home, you can be so creative; you can make puppets and other things too. A home can be all shapes, colours, like a circle or a square, and for colours, your home can be red or blue. Every home is very different on the outside and on the inside.
If you do not have a home your life is, much harder that is why I am entering in this contest to help other people to get a home.