Grade 5


What Is a Home?

A home to me is a loving place. There is a lot of reason why it is a loving place.
A home is where you walk to everyday. Home is where you talk and express your feelings. Home is where you sleep in comfort. That bed that you can’t get you out of in morning because you are so comfortable there. Sometimes it can be painful to move from your house because you just love the house so much.
A home is where your safe, secure and loved. Your home is filled with people that love and care for you. A home is where you can make the most remarkable memories that will last for a lifetime. You will always be apart of your family no matter what you do.
A home is where you have you can have nutritious food to eat and clean water to drink. You can have a washroom, kitchen, and bedroom.
A home where you can have lots of fun with your friends. It’s a place where you can invite people over whenever you want (well almost whenever you want).
For all these reasons who could live with a home. Which that everyone could have a house they can call home.