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What Is A Home

What Is A Home
What is a home?I think a home is a place where you should have access to clean water and you should feel lucky. I think Habitat For Humanity is doing great things! I feel fortunate because…

To begin I have clean water. Having a faucet with clean water gives me a sense of reliability that it will always be there. Because you can only survive three days without water.

Next I am lucky because I have a family that loves me. Then I have a nice home that i can feel safe and relaxed. I also have a warm bed to sleep, feel comfortable and be warm in.

Lastly Habitat For Humanity is helping lots of people. Habitat For Humanity is giving people chances. This piece of writing will give ten dollars to a family in Bolton! Habitat For Humanity is really just giving away good feeling!

A Home is a very special place where you can be yourself! Home Will Always Be There For You!