Grade 5


What Is a Home?

A home is where you are safe, secure and protected. A home is full of love and hope. Home is where you make good memories that last a lifetime. It is a place to express your feelings and share with others. It’s a place to grow, learn and have fun! A home is a place you feel comfortable. It’s where life starts, happens and ends.
A home is a place you always fit in. You are accepted for who you are. A home is where you are always welcome and happy. Because having a home is knowing that no matter how hard things get, someone is always there for you.
A home is more than just walls, beams and a roof, it is a place you should love with all your heart. Make it beautiful inside out. It’s a place you can spend quality time with family and friends and even have slumber parties and play dates.
My two home’s are more than just homes. It’s where life happens. I cry, hope and dream there! I respect my homes. And I love my homes.
A home stays with you always and a good home means everything to me!