Grade 6

New Brunswick

What is a Home?

What is a home?

A home can be
A lot of different things.
From a place you always yearn for,
To a place filled with warm feelings.

A home is where,
The sound of chatter lasts.
Not like echoes of voices,
But rather, buzzing of bees and wasps.

A home is where,
The smell of dinner,
Fill up the atmosphere.
Where happy feelings simply lingers.

A home is where,
Memories are made.
Where even the little things,
Make up different history shades.

A home is where,
You should always feel safe.
From nature and robbers,
As long as you still have faith.

A home is love.
Because it cares for you,
Because it will always be there,
No matter what you are going through.

P.S I love you, my home.