Grade 5


What is a Home?

What is a Home?

“Home is the place where is feels right to walk around without shoes.” Have you heard this quote before? I have and I picked it because to me it rings true. A home is a place where I am comfortable enough to be myself. I am lucky to have a home because that is where all of my memories are.
If you get put in a strange house that is not yours it would feel weird. To me a house is just windows and shelter. Every street is lined with them. To me a house doesn’t become a home till you walk in the front door. That’s when a home happens.
My home is special because when I open the front door my dog greets me. I let him outside and head down to play video games or watch Netflix or Youtube. My sister comes home next and she says hi and then goes upstairs to her room. She feels safe and sound now too. My Mom comes home and I say hello. She makes my house complete. My house is now a home. Everything I need is here.
A home is a home because of your family and your pets. We all have our own things we like and dislike but together we feel whole. That feeling is what a home is to me.

By Dylan