Grade 6


What is a home

What is a Home?
You would be surprised, at how you could turn an old sofa into the most beautiful piece of furniture you’ve ever seen.
A home is a place where you live and have a roof over your head. You should probably have a warm, comfy, cozy bed that you sleep in every night. You should also have food, water and things that keep you healthy.
A home is a place where some people live with a big huge family. Some people live with just one other person or they could even just live alone.
A home is a place where you feel warm in the winter and cool in the summer. You should have hygienic toiletries. You should definitely have clothes to keep you warm and cover you up.
A home is a place where you can play with your friends. Maybe you have sleepovers or sometimes you could talk to them on the phone. Some people talk on the phone for a couple minutes or like me, a couple hours.
A home is a place where you feel comfortable, safe and respected. You can make a lot of memories. You could have a special tradition in your home like a movie night every Friday or a special dinner every Sunday or a friend comes home after school every Wednesday.
It doesn’t matter what makes you feel at home. It could be a family member, a stuffed animal as fluffy as a sheep’s wool or it could even be a beautiful picture. You may not have any of the things that I said, your home could be a 10×10 house that has a bed and a toilet in the same room because it is unique and it is yours.