Grade 5

Grande Prairie

What is a home?

What is a home…

What is a home some people could ask? Well a home is where you live, cry, love, play, and more. A home is in a house that’s what I believe in my prescription in my life. I love my house and my life and that my family is there for me and my friends are always there too. You should be thankful for your home in many ways like in winter in your house that you could stay warm and cozy and drink something warm or in summer that you can stay cool and that you can have fun in your backyard and play in there.

What if you did not have a home?
How would you live and where would you live?
Think of it. What if was you come on you would live in a tent ok so think.

How can we help?

We can help for coming over and being a friend, we can give them food and feed them, we can get them some cloths and that’s how you help them.