Grade 5


What I Think About Home.

Home is a place where you feel loved.
Home is a place where you feel safe.
Some people don’t have homes, and don’t feel safe or loved.
I have a home with a family, who love and care for me.
But some kids live with no care and no family.
In my house I have warmth, even in the night.
But some people have no blankets, no source of warmth at night.
I have nice yummy food to eat, breakfast lunch and dinner.
Some kids can just afford lunch to eat.
Every Christmas, Easter and Birthdays there are memories.
But some people have bad memories of holidays and homes.
In my house I have couches, chairs and beds.
But homeless don’t have beds or couches.
My home is built with bricks, they are really strong.
But some kids have homes built with whatever they can find.
But when we get together, and donate money, the homeless can have a home too.